ABOUT US
                        From our belief in the importance of healthcare for all, and in order to be up-to-date with the rapid developments in the field of medical and educational technology we launched TEBX.

                        TEBX is an educational platform specialized in the field of healthcare. TEBX was launched by the Deanship of e-Learning (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University), and targets local and international health practitioners by providing programs and courses that aid them in building and developing knowledge and skills in the healthcare field.

                        TEBX offers courses and programs that cover academic, professional and public health in both Arabic and English. TEBX aims to design and host a variety of courses and programs that are based on international quality standards, and are offered by distinguished health professionals and academics from all over the globe.

                        TEBX seeks to collaborate and work with local, regional and international distinguished universities and organizations to host distinctive courses, and enrich its educational content on the platform.

                        A pioneering health platform, leading the development of academic and professional skills and an active community partner at the regional level.

                        Providing academic, professional and awareness health programs with international quality.

                        Diversity - Excellence - Creativity - Social responsibility.

                        1. Providing e-courses and activities based on international quality standards.
                        2. Contributing to the development of skills and abilities of employees in the health sector.
                        3. Promoting social responsibility in the health sector.

                        Target Users
                        • All health practitioners in t various health fields.
                        • Local community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
                        • Students and faculty members of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.
                        • Students and faculty members of local, regional and international universities.

                        Platform Main Activities
                        • Paid courses.
                        • Free courses.
                        • Academic paid and accredited courses.
                        • Certified paid professional programs and courses.